YouCam Makeup Online Photo Editor


YouCam Makeup Online Photo Editor

Something new arises from the crowded planet of image editing apps – YouCam Makeup online and it is compatible with Android and iOS. There is only one thing that this imag editor does and it is to make you beautiful by adding makeup on your photos. With YouCam Makeup online you can put eye shadow, lipstick, eye liner, blushings, soften skin defects, remove wrinkles, noting pieces, thin nose or cheeks and many more.

YouCam Makeup Online is quite good in applying make up and it is surprisingly beautiful and naturalistic. If you don’t believe us, try YouCam Makeup online and compare two images with and without makeup from the application, we guarantee you the results with be astonishing. YouCam Makeup online is a very smart application it uses complex algorithms to analyze your face letting it chose the proper way of adding makeup on your face, exactly the way you would do it.

Of course, like any other similar application in YouCam Makeup online you can chose between taking a new picture or use an existing one from the gallery. Once you have chosen your desired photo or taken a new one with the camera you are good to go. Start manipulating the image by using the tools which you can find at the bottom of the interface of YouCam Makeup online.

YouCam Makeup Online available makeup categories

  • “Looks” section, lets you chose different styles of makeup – office, rock concert, date, party and many other. Chose one that is appropriate to the picture you are editing. Tap on the desired option and let the magic infront of your eyes. If you like the way your image was edited you can click on the “V” button and that will save the image, otherwise click on the “X” button to remove the edits.
  • “Skin” section lets you adjust your skin, change the color (brightness wise), stich defects, smooth the skin and more.
  • “Face” section offers very nice face makeup – blushes, tuning of the outlines of your nose or your eyes and many more
  • “Eye” section, here you can apply eyeliner, shadows, mascara and remove dark circles or change the size of your eyes
  • “Mouth” section, gives you the option to add lipstick with different colors

This is what YouCam Makeup Online, try it, you will like it.

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