Split Pic Online App


Split Pic Online App

Split Pic online app is something entirely new and different than the trivial software you are used to. It doesn’t simply edit photos – it merges them. The application is free, available only in English, and only for iOS but that is of no matter, it is very intuitive to work with, like most of the other photo editing apps out there.

Your first job is to select the layout that yo are going to use. Split Pic online app has two different layouts, one divides the screen into two and the other divides it into three.Two formats are available – divide the screen horizontally or vertically. There is a line that splits the workplace of Split Pic Online App. All that is left is to be creative! Use your imagination and create new great images inside the environment that the application provides. After you split your image add another one and stitch something from the remains of the two pictures, create a new Frankenstein!

The other button of Split Pic Online App merges  the two images together, the result is a single image without the separation line.

Split Pic Online App also provides filters that you can apply to your pictures. The third button lets you do that.

Similar to other image editing applications like Instagram, Split Pic Online App lets you share your newly made picture in Facebook, Twitter or wherever you want!

Split Pic online app is available only for devices with version 5.0 or higher of iOS.