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Speakingphoto appSpeakingPhoto App Photo Editor

SpeakingPhoto app will teach you how to speark the computer language! I’m just kidding of course, but it is available for Android and iOS operating systems. SpeakingPhoto app won’t make you speak computer language, but it will make the computer speak like you! It lets you of course take photos and you can record audio aswell. You can put the recorded audio on top of the picture and woalla – speaking photo. Kind of like an one frame video.

Sadly Speakingphoto App is available only in one language – Portuguese – but that is not a problem, it’s really intuitive like all other similar apps. It brings back to the game features long forgotten. Start by taking a photo and then record some audio with SpeakingPhoto App, once you do this, you can share it anywhere you want and go viral! Conquer the Internet with your SpeakingPhoto! Of course you can also use old images or audios from your gallery, they don’t have to be brand new.

Remember that I said one frame video? Well actually SpeakingPhoto App lets you use up to 8 photos and that one frame video will turn into an eight-frame video or a slideshow if you prefer. Or a GIF. You can preview the pictures before saving them so that you can tweak here and there if there’s something you don’t like.

Imagine using Speakingphoto app right before 14th February to send your beloved one a romantic message along with a picture of yourself, wouldn’t that be nice?

SpeakingPhoto app is really popular in the US and continues to grow in Brazil.

The audio recorded by SpeakingPhoto app is actually with a very high quality.

Unfortunately SpeakingPhoto app is not an image editor so you can’t edit the photos, you can only use them the way they are. Check our other photo editors reviews to find a photo editor that will help you in the image editing process! Have fun!