Cute Cut Video Editor

Cute cut video editor – download free for Windows 7/8/10, Android and iOS

cute cut video editorCute cut is a smart video editing application that lets you edit and create your videos easily. With Cute cut is completely free and has no watermark. The main features provide you with different options here. Making simple videos and photo videos, cut a video (between the scenes) in a quick way, merge to of a kind or a different kind, add text and music to the mix creating your own music videos, extract the audio from the video, share your video with your friends – simply put Cute cut provides you with all the necessary tools to create your own video for an amazing experience, so you and other people can feel something out of your videos.

Ever heard the phrase that “you can draw your own video now”? Well probably not, but Cute cut is simple and amazing in this regard. Make your own unique movie, inspiring every frame with greatness with Cute cut. The new version features an improved memory management, picture display and higher quality, fine tune, transparency, sound and text size. Are you an emerging photographer or an artist that wants to inspire people with her/his works? Well if you are you can count yourself lucky because this is the app for you. No more words needed you can try it out for yourself.

Let us add a little bit more of a description shall we? Cute cut gives you the opportunity to experience a user friendly UI that helps you with managing your movies easily with the bookshelf auto arrangement. All your works of art are arranged by date and the latest ones are put on top of the shelf. And that’s for a better management. This app has a multi-touch simple design. Just Drag or drop everything you need to assemble your media with different segments. One track can contain several segment and each movie consists of several types of tracks. What are you waiting for? Check Cute cut now and have fun working with this wonderful art tool!

Download camera B612

Download camera B612 for Windows 10/7/8, Android and iOS

download camera b612Download camera B612 for receiving the perfect selfie maker on your phone now! If you Download camera B612 now you can take selfies anytime anywhere. This app’s top option is you being able to preview the pic right before you take it. This way you can check all the angles and find the perfect one – the one that reflects your true self in the best way possible!

When you Download camera B612 you will find out that this application is designed to be the ultimate selfie app. It is loaded with cool features you won’t find anywhere else. Keep in mind that this app is still new and the rear-camera is installed but still doesn’t work (which the app will notify you about), but it’s on the way as you read this. Now let us talk about the features that are included!

Selfie video maker – now you can show the world how awesome you are by making a selfie video of yourself. All you have to do is just tap the screen and start recording – simple as that. When you download camera B612 you will find out that there is a random filter option installed for this app. Why is it needed though? Ever felt like it takes you an eternity before you find just the right filter you are looking for? Well using the random filter option your problems are solved. This app remembers all the filters you most commonly use, groups them and selects them for you!

Vignette and Tilt-shift are 2 more options provided to you that are at your disposal. The option allows you to darken the borders of the picture to show off what’s truly important while the second one blurs the lines of focus just enough to soften the picture and really bring out the real you. What more can I say. Download camera B612 when you have some spare time and a smartphone in your hands and you will find out just how simple and awesome this app is!

Bluestacks is Android emulator that you can use to run Android applications on your PC.

Camera B612 Selfie Maker

Camera B612 Selfie maker – Download for Windows 10/7/8, Android and iOS

download camera b612Camera B612 is a photography app that is made for making your own selfies and look gorgeous in them! B612 Selfie is all about you. If you have a me, me, me approach with photography apps then this application is just for you.

Camera B612 allows you to make your own selfies and it has a variety of filters (more than 50) for you to enjoy. Those filters are in “real-time”, but you are given the option to get a preview of your final image right before you take the shot.

With Camera B612 you have a wide range of collages and templates to choose from. You can also get a lot more creative with different effects like Vignette, tilt-shift and more! The features of this app however are rather basic. Like other such applications you can make a video montage and add music to it which is rather cool. B612 Selfie allows you to make up to 9 videos! You can’t use the rear-facing option for your camera, however it’s still in development and will be in your possession soon enough.

B612 Selfie is a fun way to make selfies and use the neat video features. This app is currently still new and doesn’t feel that intuitive as other image altering programs of the sort. Navigation is a bit confusing but once you get used to it it’s all going to be fine. Having to press back twice on the return button to get back to the previous menu doesn’t really help. However, being able to make up to 9 video montages of yourself and have a preview of each picture right before you take it is cool by itself. Trying to find the perfect angle? The one that reflects the real you? When you have a smartphone in your hands and a minute to spare – B612 Selfie is the app for you!

You can Camera B612 Download for PC for free by using the Bluestacks Android Emulator.

Flipagram App Online Photo Editor for PC

Flipagram App Online Photo Editor – Download for PC, Windows 7/8, Android and iOS

flipagram app online

Flipagram app online provides you with the top options and features in photography as well as in the image editing department. It’s a simple and yet effective app easy to use and also makes photo and video sharing easier than it has ever been.

Flipagram app online gives you the best experience while you edit because its user friendly and its totally free. It works with other social networks also. This app gets you some amazing features and it all comes down to three simple steps to use – first you choose a photo from “Instagram”, “Facebook” or your gallery and then you can create a story by using your favorite soundtracks and photos, set the time, play with different filters. And the final step is sharing – again on “Twitter”, “Facebook”, “Instagram” and more.

With Flipagram app online you have a lot of modes like Selfy mode and mind blowing filters. You can auto set the timer to make a short clip for “Vine” or “Instagram”. That and much more, read here!

Swarm App Online

Swarm App Online – Download for PC, Windows 7/8, Android and iOS

swarm app online

Swarm App Online is a new interesting application. Tired of wasting time with complicated arrangements when all you want to do is just go out and have some fun, not wasting the little time you have left before going back to the boring part of life? Here’s the solution to that. There’s that cool new app called Swarm app online that uses GPS and can track your friends in real time using the internet. Not only that, but it also provides you with information for whoever is closest to you at that point and it even groups people in that regard. Swarm app online allows you to check for events your friends can make or create your own by using the options provided.

Cool thing about Swarm app online is that you can turn it on when you need to and have privacy when busy. With it you can chat with your friends individually or make a group chat with those closest to you for better and easier arrangements.

Have some free time and know a cool place you’ve always wanted to try out, like the new cafeteria behind the corner? You can do that and even better. You can set an event so that those who are closest to you can join in for the new experience!

Read more about it here.

Camera360 Online Photo Editor for PC

Camera360 Online Photo Editor – Download for PC, Android and iOS

camera360 onlineHere’s something new and interesting! Starting with the first choice for over 400 million people worldwide Camera360 online is the perfect image capturing and altering app out there! Easy to use, many and at the same time simple to work with options it’s simply powerful, bringing the professional photographer in you out!

Saying all that we can’t simply stand by and not help you viewers make a better choice. Here is why you have to try this app. Camera360 online has lots of amazing features like different camera modes, facial recognition, no charge per photo shared. Also has a beautiful design, easy photo share, easy classifying ways of photo arrange lots of new effects with every update and much more!

Make yourself better in a portrait with a few simple clicks, now being able to easily switch between category filters becoming available after the capturing of the picture. Camera360 online has a lot of new textures added making the experience all the more interesting. More than ten camera modes including the “Selfie camera”, the “Funny camera”, the “Video camera” and much more gigs you can choose from. So what’s keeping ya? You can try it now! It’s awesome and its free!

Avocado App Online

Avocado App Online – Download for PC, Windows 7/8, Android and iOS

avaocado app

Avocado App is one of the newest social networks. Share private messages with your loved one? Just the two of you? With Avocado app you can do that and much more. This product is one attractive and yet simple way to communicate with the one you are casually dating or have a serious relationship with.

It’s also secure and has an elegant software design. You know how guys are… always looking at the bigger picture, sometimes forgetting all those small, but important facts about the two of you that keep you both together.

With the calendar options Avocado app gives you, forgetting about those special moments will be all in the past, and best news so far – it easy to use, it’s awesome and most of all its secure!

With Avocado app you can also share pictures and videos with your beloved as well as create a shared gallery just between the two of you, so all those great moments from the past can be easily accessed, to bring back nostalgia and happiness.

Create lists about each other like “All the crazy things I like about you” or “What keeps my heart going” and much more. Those are just a few of the options Avocado app provides but there are more and we recommend you try this app!

Read more about it here.

Afterlight App Photo Editor Online

Afterlight App Photo Editor Online – Download for PC, Windows 7/8, Android and iOS

afterlight app

Let me present to you one of the best image editing apps that exists out there. With the increasing demand for new technologies also comes the one for new apps you can use on your smartphone device.

Afterlight app is one of the many image editing apps out there and it stands above the rest with it being unique and easy to use. Most of all this app is fun and has a lot of amazing features that bring uniqueness to your everyday selfies or group pictures.

Check out the amazing options Afterlight app has to offer, provided with lots of amazing frames and textures you can use to light your pictures up! Bring a new meaning to perfection with the app’s exclusive cutting and transforming tools! Use different and natural light effects that can change your picture drastically. All this for a better quality and most of all – for bringing moments to life.

Afterlight app allows you to use your Facebook and Instagram galleries and of course your smartphone’s galleries as well!

Read more about it here.

Retrica Online Photo Editor Mobile Software

retrica onlineRetrica Online – Mobile Photo Editing Software.

Retrica is available only in English language, but that isn’t something that you should be concerned about if you do not understand English. Everything is extremely intuitive and this is what makes it such a good photo editing application! Retrica Online will literally blow your mind with its functionality!

Retrica Online is not a normal image editing software, because it doesn’t let you make actual adjusments of the images (for example the size of the image), you can use preinstalled filters to edit them. For example with retrica online you can make the photos in old-style fashion colors like black and white photos, grayscale, different light color (bluish, greenish, yellowish) and so on, retrica online is perfect for everyone.

You can edit already existing images with all the filters that you have, or you can simply use retrica online as a replacement for your camera application and add the filters in a “live preview” before taking the picture. Retrika lets you select the filters before you take the photo.

Want a quick selfie? Retrica online is the app for the job! You will no longer need to ask anyone for a favor to edit your images, everything is quick and easy at the tip of your fingers Retrica Online now!

We should note that many of the filters are premium (meaning you have to pay for them) but you can preview them before purchasing so that you can decide if you really want that filter before you purchase it! Search Retrica Online to see a preview of the filters.

Fast, easy, reliable and intuitive, retrica online is just like using the preinstalled camera application of your phone, just with some additional gadgets!

Read more here:

InstaSize Online


InstaSize Online

InstaSize Online photo editor is a quite limited when we talk about resizing or cropping since it’s not what it actually does, it’s not like all those photo editing softwares out there. It much like Retrica uses filters to edit your images. It also has a wide variety of layouts, borders and many more. InstaSize Online also lets you “stitch” one image to another (or more than two) in different layouts, kinda the Frankenstein of the photo editors. You can have multiple images in one frame. Instasize is perfect for making collages for friends with all the photos that you have together (perfect birthday gift, no?). InstaSize Online is the best.

You can learn more about InstaSize here.

A cool feature of InstaSize Online is that it can be integrated to work with Retrica. Meaning – first you take a photo with one of the amazing filters that Retrica has, then your image is transferred in InstaSize waiting for you to do the final adjustments with everything that InstaSize online can offer you.

Asking your friends to edit your images is in the past, you don’t have to be a professional designer to do that anymore, everything is fast and easy with InstaSize Online!

Adding text on top of the images has never been easier, with hundreds of fonts available at your disposal. Many more additional stickers, fonts, borders and layouts are available for free in the download center.

Fast, easy and handy, if you ever wanted a pocket Photoshop InstaSize online is just for you.

Source: Instasize Online