Magic Eye Color Online for PC Photo editor

Magic eye color online photo editor for PC – Download free for Windows 7/8/10, Android, iOS and Mac

magic eye colorMagic eye color is a photography app that has been downloaded over 7 million times. It is a fan favorite around the world and it brings you some amazing features you might wanna look at. If you want to make your eyes look pretty and charming this app will help you to do so.

All it takes are a few simple swipes and boom you have that amazing and desired effect. Add a magical pupil effect and create a rainbow eye, recurrent eye and many more. This app has over 160 beautiful pupil effects. This means that you don’t have to try all the settings in order to make your eyes look beautiful. Magic eye color uses some unique blending techniques to create that natural and at the same time magical effect. Magic eye color can support multiple eyes in the same picture.

Magic eye color uses a recognition technology, automatically locating the position of the eyes. What can be more easy to use? Magic eye color has more than 300 beautiful templates and more than 170 different contact lens.

This app has a high resolution support for the pictures, you can adjust redeyes, a user friendly interface, the ability to flip and rotate your pics and you can share them in different social networks. Well isn’t that fun? Yeah and its free!