Kanvas App

Kanvas app

Kanvas App – a better alternative to Instagram?

Kanvas app is similar to Instagram in being a social network, but it’s just a bit different. It focuses on different kind of activities, that being said it lets you make videos and gifs. With the toolbox that this application offers you can create many different collages, pictures and whatever you can think of.

Kanvas app in its essence is a combination of a photo editor and a social network (does it ring a bell?). You can edit your images with almost professional-like touch. You can use filters and create even on the gifs!

Kanvas App is actually a Social Network

Kanvas app brings something new to the table because it’s not only an editor. The editor has hundreds of different stickers, filters and more. A cool feature worth noting is that you can extract images directly from Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook and so on. Of course you can also take pictures with your camera or select some from your Gallery, but it is cool to have the whole world in your hands.

Kanvas App Special feature – QuickEdit

QuickEdit like the name suggests lets you edit pictures very quickly, you can put in some emoticons, text, frames or sounds to make something cool in seconds! Be unique!

In conclusion we can say that Kanvas app holds the Batman belt of image editing tools, it is enough to activate your creative side and the networking lets you share your work instantly with everyone.

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