FaceQ Online Animated Avatars


FaceQ Online Animated avatars creator

FaceQ online is a new kind of application and it is available for both Android and iOS – completely free of charge. Want to feel like a kid once again? FaceQ online is just for you. Disregard the last sentence if you are currently a child, try FaceQ online you would love it! FaceQ online will let you show off like nothing else, use it to make amazing avatars for your profiles. FaceQ online can create avatars which are kind of “cartoonish” and this will unleash your imagination, basicly there are no limits.

There are several different types of avatars that you can create in FaceQ online. The first one is “boy”, you can use this one if you are a boy, or if you want to make an avatar for a friend who is a boy. The second type of avatar is “girl”, similar to the other type of avatar, you already know what you can do. The last type is “couples” avatar, if you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend you can use this option to surprise your friend!  The next step in the creation of the avatars with FaceQ online is to configure it. You can make many changes on the avatar like the shape of the face (or faces), the color of the hair, style of the hair, decorations and much more. Everything in FaceQ online is susceptible to color change (imagination, remember?), this would also let you make the avatars look weird and you can pull pranks on your friends!

The last step of configuring your avatar is to put accessories. Some of the available accessories in FaceQ online are glasses, hats and others. Completing this step, completes the creation of the avatar. At this point you can share it freely around the social networks of your choice.

After you have finished making your avatar with FaceQ online you can save it for later use.