Camoji GIF Camera


Camoji – a whole new animated world

Camoji GIF Camera is one of the newest kids born in the industry of photo editing softwares. It lets you create GIF images which as you know are animated. Creating animated GIFs is very easy and the app has additional functionality that lets you send the GIFs directly to your friends in Facebook.

Incredible Interface

One of the advantages worth noticing in Camoji is that it has incredible interface, it is really optimized and easy to work with – but it has no buttons! You control the application with motions, slide your fingers, up, down, left, right and just watch what happens, you’ll get the hang of it. Camoji has a tutorial that will teach you how to use it and it is really, really short so nothing to worry about.

Easy and Fun to use

GIFs creation has never been easier, with the intuitive control that Camoji has it is really simple and even fun to work with. You can add texts within the images when you share them. Something worth noticing is that Camoji includes its logo at the bottom of the image, but it is barely visible so you shouldn’t worry about this.