Path for PC Photo editor

Path For PC – Free Download Windows 7/8/10, Android and iOS

Path-for-PCPath For PC is an outstanding app currently available to you on your android device. With Path For PC you can share from photos to any ideas that come to your mind. You can share the music mix you are currently listening to, as well as other activities you are currently doing or ones you want to do in the future. Path For PC is more of a diary that is socially used for the main purpose of sharing activities.

Recently a lot of users spend most of their free time on other social networks and are often joining other networks. A majority of them are currently joining Path For PC. This application has a very simple design. If you are looking for a comparison it is very similar to Google+.

Path For PC comes with the added option to be modified to your liking so you can feel more comfortable using this app to its fullest extent. In addition this application is very attractive in design, brings lots of possibilities, stays as a social network, and it’s absolutely free. It works like a social network application like Google+, Facebook and Instagram. You can view it as a messenger too. One of the top features of this app is that some of the processes are automatized. For instance when you are travelling it will automatically inform your friends to where you are travelling, or if you are in a region near them it does that for you as well. With Path For PC you can choose your best friends and share your best and memorable moments with them. Like in other social networks like Google+ you can add a background picture. Path For PC also works with other social networks like Facebook and twitter.

Why wait when you have nothing to lose? This app is new and it’s absolutely free! You can try it out now!

Bokeh app photo editor

Bokeh app for Bokeh effects – Download for PC, Windows 7/8/10, Android and iOS

bokeh app photographyBokeh app photography offers you a new way to view your pictures. The word itself comes from Japanese. It means “haze” or “blur”. If you visit other photography websites you will find that there is a lot of debates regarding Bokeh app photography. The effect itself is achieved through the fast lenses of your camera. You shoot a subject and you receive the effect and whatever it may seem it’s a delicate work of art. To put it in simpler words Bokeh Photography is the aesthetic quality of the out-of-focus blur or haze in the photo. Bokeh Photography implies more over the character of the photo rather than, and that very character is determined by the shape and the size of the visible bokeh, but it’s mostly determined by the lenses them self and the quality of the camera you are using. Lens with more circular shaped blades will have rounder and softer orbs that are out-of-focus highlights. If the lens are with an aperture that is more hexagonal in shape that will reflect over the shape in the highlights of the whole picture.

With Bokeh app photography you can achieve the very effect in your images. In order to do that you will need to use fast lens. The faster the movement of the lenses – the better! You will need to use lenses with f/2.8 aperture. Faster apertures like f/2 or f/1.8 to f/1.4 are ideal for this effect. You will need to use fast prime lenses to receive the effect in your picture. They need to be wide open. In this case you need a shooting mode – an “Aperture Priority” or Manual. The second one lets you choose both your shooting speed and aperture as well as shutter speed. Aperture Priority lets you choose the f/stop while the camera itself decides on the shutter speed. You don’t have to worry about not having fast lens however. If you increase the distance between your subject and the background you can get the same effect. You can totally see bokeh effect in images that are taken at a smaller apertures.

That’s all the info I have on this subject right now so, yeah – ENJOY!


PhotoFunia Online

PhotoFunia Online Photo Editor for PC

photofunia onlinePhotoFunia Online is a unique application with unique photo-editing tools made for android devices. PhotoFunia Online is designed to help us manipulate our photos effortlessly. It is one original way to bring your photos to life, make them special and unique! With only a few seconds an amazing photo collage is ready to be used and it’s absolutely for free. How would you like to see yourself on a magazine cover? Or perhaps on advertising billboards of Times Square maybe?

PhotoFunia Online provides you with more! Now you can see how you look with a witch’s hat or a king’s crown on, or you can try out a nice frame for your photos for a special occasion maybe? Or for Christmas you can put on a Santa suit or look like a snowman, maybe something more exotic like a dancer, write graffiti text on the wall, put your name on the sand or put your name on the ground using our fantastic text effects. You can use those for making your own unique signs or signatures to make your pictures look even more epic. You can add shadows, adjust your looks to make yourself look younger with more special effects this platform provides you with. You can also render the photo black and white using the Filters category. Hundreds of unique effects are waiting for you. The effects library is always expanding. You can check what’s new every week when new updates will be available.

Unlike the typical photo-editors PhotoFunia Online can find the face of the photo and integrate it into a selected scene. PhotoFunia Online enables you to add your face on a billboard, stamp, Warhol paintings and more!

This app generates more than 150 scenes. PhotoFunia Online features an interface that is easy to use and best of all it’s a lot of fun! This application is free and a PhotoFunia free download button is available!

Squaready Online Photo Editor

Squaready Online Photo Editor – Download for PC, Windows 7/8/10, Android and iOS

squaready onlineSquaready Online Is an app for all Instagram followers and fans. Squaready Online is a photo altering app that is designed to work as a backup for Instagram. It has a few more options it can offer that Instagram doesn’t have. For instance you can put your portrait into a square area for a cool new effect. This will go well if you make it into a profile picture don’t you think?

We highly recommend Squaready Online for all your Instagram users out there. Features allow you to make rectangle photos into square ones. You can choose a background and use other simple effects that will put more color and uniqueness with every picture you make. This app is intertwined with Instagram and you can share all your amazing creations there too, as well to other social networks, such as – Facebook, Twitter and more. Use a variety of stylish filters, color splashes, blur effects, draw-lines, meme and text input, frames, stickers, and many other features with Squaready Online now!

Squaready online offers – simple and useful effects, BG-effects, border lining, line drawing, soft edge effects, color tone and much more! Other features include API camera support, picture previews, High-res export, the support of a 4 inch display, external and internal editing capabilities. New version includes – the adjusted processing of background blurs, fixed crash issues and minor such, revival of the blur function in the built-in image. Support for IOS8 – Photo Editor App Extension, New beautiful background functions, renewed import and export menus. Try it out now!

Piclab Online Photo Editor

Piclab Online Photo Editor – Download Free for PC, Windows 7/8/10, Android and iOS

piclab onlinePiclab Online is a photography application designed for image editing. With Piclab Online you can apply stunning effects and use all the filters it provides. The photo effects are amazing and it just keeps adding up! Amazing typography and artwork, borders, patterns, FX light and textures. Piclab Online is simply designed to blow your mind! Making it simple and fun to edit your photos is this application’s purpose.

Piclab Online has lots of features some of which are – Typography – which gives you a choice from a wonderful variety of fonts brought to you from the world’s biggest and greatest designers. You can easily resize, adjust and rotate the texts you can add to your pictures. You can build your texts in layers, creating that beautiful typography with an added bonus – you can create shadows on your texts.

Piclab Online offers a variety of stickers and additional artwork you can choose from to add to your pictures. Isnt that fun? Try this on for size! This app is constantly being updated so you will receive your new content each month. Choose from their collection. Over 100 borders, shapes, overlays textures and more constantly being added to the mix. Choose from a collection of unique collages and apply over 20 amazing photo filters. Piclab Online gives you photo effects like blur, brightness control, contrast and saturation. You can customize your themes, draw notes, captions and more on the photos you take. Piclab Online brings new meaning to photo editing. This app is free to use, its user friendly and its fun. You can share your photos on other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and more.

Cute Cut Video Editor

Cute cut video editor – download free for Windows 7/8/10, Android and iOS

cute cut video editorCute cut is a smart video editing application that lets you edit and create your videos easily. With Cute cut is completely free and has no watermark. The main features provide you with different options here. Making simple videos and photo videos, cut a video (between the scenes) in a quick way, merge to of a kind or a different kind, add text and music to the mix creating your own music videos, extract the audio from the video, share your video with your friends – simply put Cute cut provides you with all the necessary tools to create your own video for an amazing experience, so you and other people can feel something out of your videos.

Ever heard the phrase that “you can draw your own video now”? Well probably not, but Cute cut is simple and amazing in this regard. Make your own unique movie, inspiring every frame with greatness with Cute cut. The new version features an improved memory management, picture display and higher quality, fine tune, transparency, sound and text size. Are you an emerging photographer or an artist that wants to inspire people with her/his works? Well if you are you can count yourself lucky because this is the app for you. No more words needed you can try it out for yourself.

Let us add a little bit more of a description shall we? Cute cut gives you the opportunity to experience a user friendly UI that helps you with managing your movies easily with the bookshelf auto arrangement. All your works of art are arranged by date and the latest ones are put on top of the shelf. And that’s for a better management. This app has a multi-touch simple design. Just Drag or drop everything you need to assemble your media with different segments. One track can contain several segment and each movie consists of several types of tracks. What are you waiting for? Check Cute cut now and have fun working with this wonderful art tool!

Download camera B612

Download camera B612 for Windows 10/7/8, Android and iOS

download camera b612Download camera B612 for receiving the perfect selfie maker on your phone now! If you Download camera B612 now you can take selfies anytime anywhere. This app’s top option is you being able to preview the pic right before you take it. This way you can check all the angles and find the perfect one – the one that reflects your true self in the best way possible!

When you Download camera B612 you will find out that this application is designed to be the ultimate selfie app. It is loaded with cool features you won’t find anywhere else. Keep in mind that this app is still new and the rear-camera is installed but still doesn’t work (which the app will notify you about), but it’s on the way as you read this. Now let us talk about the features that are included!

Selfie video maker – now you can show the world how awesome you are by making a selfie video of yourself. All you have to do is just tap the screen and start recording – simple as that. When you download camera B612 you will find out that there is a random filter option installed for this app. Why is it needed though? Ever felt like it takes you an eternity before you find just the right filter you are looking for? Well using the random filter option your problems are solved. This app remembers all the filters you most commonly use, groups them and selects them for you!

Vignette and Tilt-shift are 2 more options provided to you that are at your disposal. The option allows you to darken the borders of the picture to show off what’s truly important while the second one blurs the lines of focus just enough to soften the picture and really bring out the real you. What more can I say. Download camera B612 when you have some spare time and a smartphone in your hands and you will find out just how simple and awesome this app is!

Bluestacks is Android emulator that you can use to run Android applications on your PC.

Camera B612 Selfie Maker

Camera B612 Selfie maker – Download for Windows 10/7/8, Android and iOS

download camera b612Camera B612 is a photography app that is made for making your own selfies and look gorgeous in them! B612 Selfie is all about you. If you have a me, me, me approach with photography apps then this application is just for you.

Camera B612 allows you to make your own selfies and it has a variety of filters (more than 50) for you to enjoy. Those filters are in “real-time”, but you are given the option to get a preview of your final image right before you take the shot.

With Camera B612 you have a wide range of collages and templates to choose from. You can also get a lot more creative with different effects like Vignette, tilt-shift and more! The features of this app however are rather basic. Like other such applications you can make a video montage and add music to it which is rather cool. B612 Selfie allows you to make up to 9 videos! You can’t use the rear-facing option for your camera, however it’s still in development and will be in your possession soon enough.

B612 Selfie is a fun way to make selfies and use the neat video features. This app is currently still new and doesn’t feel that intuitive as other image altering programs of the sort. Navigation is a bit confusing but once you get used to it it’s all going to be fine. Having to press back twice on the return button to get back to the previous menu doesn’t really help. However, being able to make up to 9 video montages of yourself and have a preview of each picture right before you take it is cool by itself. Trying to find the perfect angle? The one that reflects the real you? When you have a smartphone in your hands and a minute to spare – B612 Selfie is the app for you!

You can Camera B612 Download for PC for free by using the Bluestacks Android Emulator.

Flipagram App Online Photo Editor for PC

Flipagram App Online Photo Editor – Download for PC, Windows 7/8, Android and iOS

flipagram app online

Flipagram app online provides you with the top options and features in photography as well as in the image editing department. It’s a simple and yet effective app easy to use and also makes photo and video sharing easier than it has ever been.

Flipagram app online gives you the best experience while you edit because its user friendly and its totally free. It works with other social networks also. This app gets you some amazing features and it all comes down to three simple steps to use – first you choose a photo from “Instagram”, “Facebook” or your gallery and then you can create a story by using your favorite soundtracks and photos, set the time, play with different filters. And the final step is sharing – again on “Twitter”, “Facebook”, “Instagram” and more.

With Flipagram app online you have a lot of modes like Selfy mode and mind blowing filters. You can auto set the timer to make a short clip for “Vine” or “Instagram”. That and much more, read here!

Swarm App Online

Swarm App Online – Download for PC, Windows 7/8, Android and iOS

swarm app online

Swarm App Online is a new interesting application. Tired of wasting time with complicated arrangements when all you want to do is just go out and have some fun, not wasting the little time you have left before going back to the boring part of life? Here’s the solution to that. There’s that cool new app called Swarm app online that uses GPS and can track your friends in real time using the internet. Not only that, but it also provides you with information for whoever is closest to you at that point and it even groups people in that regard. Swarm app online allows you to check for events your friends can make or create your own by using the options provided.

Cool thing about Swarm app online is that you can turn it on when you need to and have privacy when busy. With it you can chat with your friends individually or make a group chat with those closest to you for better and easier arrangements.

Have some free time and know a cool place you’ve always wanted to try out, like the new cafeteria behind the corner? You can do that and even better. You can set an event so that those who are closest to you can join in for the new experience!

Read more about it here.