InstaMark Photo Editor


Instamark photo editor for PC and Android

Instamark is one of the newest photo editors and it is great application for your smartphone. The main difference here is that Instamark is not focused on filters, frames or image editing, but on stickers. You can add stickers. Many different kinds of stickers are available for you to use on your photos and make them astonishing. We said that the focus is not on filters but it does have them! The fun doesn’t stop here you can also crop or resize your photos.

Easy to use and Efficient

Instamark is very easy to ues with intuitive interface which is not affected by different screen sizes. It works flawlessly on any kind of display screen.

The collection of stickers and filters that Instamark offers is HUGE and the quality is beyond professional. Instamark is obviously made by very good developers since it works very fast and it applies filters/stickers without delay in the preview of the changes. All stickers and filters are spread out in categories which makes it easy to find what you are looking for.

Custom Stickers

Now, let’s get to the fun part! You can create your own stickers by editing the existing ones. For example you can change the text within the stickers, or the application can automatically add a sticker with the name of your current city and much more.

Creating photos with this application does not include watermarks so there’s nothing to worry about. After you are done creating your photo you can share it wherever you want with the touch of a button. Instamark is one of the best options for all you photo geeks! You may be interested in other photo editing programs.