AfterLight Online Photo Editor


Afterlight Online

AfterLight online is of course available on multiple platforms including Android and iOS. It is very easy to use, lets you edit your photos with various filters and you can also apply different frames like you do with PIP Camera. Afterlight online comes with a clean interface making it very easy and intuitive to work with.

If you want a professional portrait of yourself or someone else, this application is just for you. Step number one – chose a photo, you guessed right – it can be either from your gallery or you can take a new photo while you use the application. After you have selected the desired image comes step number two – edit brightness, contrast, sharpness, saturation and whatever else you like.

AfterLight Online Design and Interface

AfterLight online like many other such applications has a very intuitive interface. This makes it very easy and simple to be used by anyone. Notable feature is that Afterlight online has a gigantic collection of filters, frames and other photo editing features.

In addition, Afterlight online supports sharing on social networks. After you are done editing you can send the picture straight to Facebook or some other social network. The application is so good that Afterlight online can replace PC editing software unless you are looking for some really professional editing. Simply amazing.

Get your hands on the app and start playing with the brightness, saturation, contrast and the other options to transforms images with defects into professional images.

But be aware! – Afterlight online crashes from time to time it is possible that you lose any unsaved work.

The application doesn’t have multilanguage option but you don’t have to worry about this, because like we mentioned earlier it is very intuitive to work with and language barriers won’t be a problem. And one more thing Afterlight online is not free but it is worth every penny that you spend on it!

FaceQ Online Animated Avatars


FaceQ Online Animated avatars creator

FaceQ online is a new kind of application and it is available for both Android and iOS – completely free of charge. Want to feel like a kid once again? FaceQ online is just for you. Disregard the last sentence if you are currently a child, try FaceQ online you would love it! FaceQ online will let you show off like nothing else, use it to make amazing avatars for your profiles. FaceQ online can create avatars which are kind of “cartoonish” and this will unleash your imagination, basicly there are no limits.

There are several different types of avatars that you can create in FaceQ online. The first one is “boy”, you can use this one if you are a boy, or if you want to make an avatar for a friend who is a boy. The second type of avatar is “girl”, similar to the other type of avatar, you already know what you can do. The last type is “couples” avatar, if you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend you can use this option to surprise your friend!  The next step in the creation of the avatars with FaceQ online is to configure it. You can make many changes on the avatar like the shape of the face (or faces), the color of the hair, style of the hair, decorations and much more. Everything in FaceQ online is susceptible to color change (imagination, remember?), this would also let you make the avatars look weird and you can pull pranks on your friends!

The last step of configuring your avatar is to put accessories. Some of the available accessories in FaceQ online are glasses, hats and others. Completing this step, completes the creation of the avatar. At this point you can share it freely around the social networks of your choice.

After you have finished making your avatar with FaceQ online you can save it for later use.

InstaMark Photo Editor


Instamark photo editor for PC and Android

Instamark is one of the newest photo editors and it is great application for your smartphone. The main difference here is that Instamark is not focused on filters, frames or image editing, but on stickers. You can add stickers. Many different kinds of stickers are available for you to use on your photos and make them astonishing. We said that the focus is not on filters but it does have them! The fun doesn’t stop here you can also crop or resize your photos.

Easy to use and Efficient

Instamark is very easy to ues with intuitive interface which is not affected by different screen sizes. It works flawlessly on any kind of display screen.

The collection of stickers and filters that Instamark offers is HUGE and the quality is beyond professional. Instamark is obviously made by very good developers since it works very fast and it applies filters/stickers without delay in the preview of the changes. All stickers and filters are spread out in categories which makes it easy to find what you are looking for.

Custom Stickers

Now, let’s get to the fun part! You can create your own stickers by editing the existing ones. For example you can change the text within the stickers, or the application can automatically add a sticker with the name of your current city and much more.

Creating photos with this application does not include watermarks so there’s nothing to worry about. After you are done creating your photo you can share it wherever you want with the touch of a button. Instamark is one of the best options for all you photo geeks! You may be interested in other photo editing programs.

Camoji GIF Camera


Camoji – a whole new animated world

Camoji GIF Camera is one of the newest kids born in the industry of photo editing softwares. It lets you create GIF images which as you know are animated. Creating animated GIFs is very easy and the app has additional functionality that lets you send the GIFs directly to your friends in Facebook.

Incredible Interface

One of the advantages worth noticing in Camoji is that it has incredible interface, it is really optimized and easy to work with – but it has no buttons! You control the application with motions, slide your fingers, up, down, left, right and just watch what happens, you’ll get the hang of it. Camoji has a tutorial that will teach you how to use it and it is really, really short so nothing to worry about.

Easy and Fun to use

GIFs creation has never been easier, with the intuitive control that Camoji has it is really simple and even fun to work with. You can add texts within the images when you share them. Something worth noticing is that Camoji includes its logo at the bottom of the image, but it is barely visible so you shouldn’t worry about this.

SpeakingPhoto App Editor

Speakingphoto appSpeakingPhoto App Photo Editor

SpeakingPhoto app will teach you how to speark the computer language! I’m just kidding of course, but it is available for Android and iOS operating systems. SpeakingPhoto app won’t make you speak computer language, but it will make the computer speak like you! It lets you of course take photos and you can record audio aswell. You can put the recorded audio on top of the picture and woalla – speaking photo. Kind of like an one frame video.

Sadly Speakingphoto App is available only in one language – Portuguese – but that is not a problem, it’s really intuitive like all other similar apps. It brings back to the game features long forgotten. Start by taking a photo and then record some audio with SpeakingPhoto App, once you do this, you can share it anywhere you want and go viral! Conquer the Internet with your SpeakingPhoto! Of course you can also use old images or audios from your gallery, they don’t have to be brand new.

Remember that I said one frame video? Well actually SpeakingPhoto App lets you use up to 8 photos and that one frame video will turn into an eight-frame video or a slideshow if you prefer. Or a GIF. You can preview the pictures before saving them so that you can tweak here and there if there’s something you don’t like.

Imagine using Speakingphoto app right before 14th February to send your beloved one a romantic message along with a picture of yourself, wouldn’t that be nice?

SpeakingPhoto app is really popular in the US and continues to grow in Brazil.

The audio recorded by SpeakingPhoto app is actually with a very high quality.

Unfortunately SpeakingPhoto app is not an image editor so you can’t edit the photos, you can only use them the way they are. Check our other photo editors reviews to find a photo editor that will help you in the image editing process! Have fun!

Kanvas App

Kanvas app

Kanvas App – a better alternative to Instagram?

Kanvas app is similar to Instagram in being a social network, but it’s just a bit different. It focuses on different kind of activities, that being said it lets you make videos and gifs. With the toolbox that this application offers you can create many different collages, pictures and whatever you can think of.

Kanvas app in its essence is a combination of a photo editor and a social network (does it ring a bell?). You can edit your images with almost professional-like touch. You can use filters and create even on the gifs!

Kanvas App is actually a Social Network

Kanvas app brings something new to the table because it’s not only an editor. The editor has hundreds of different stickers, filters and more. A cool feature worth noting is that you can extract images directly from Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook and so on. Of course you can also take pictures with your camera or select some from your Gallery, but it is cool to have the whole world in your hands.

Kanvas App Special feature – QuickEdit

QuickEdit like the name suggests lets you edit pictures very quickly, you can put in some emoticons, text, frames or sounds to make something cool in seconds! Be unique!

In conclusion we can say that Kanvas app holds the Batman belt of image editing tools, it is enough to activate your creative side and the networking lets you share your work instantly with everyone.

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